Clean Energy Ownership Programā„¢

An affordable path to ownership for solar and other clean energy systems! 

By trading the federal tax credit and initial depreciation in return for subsidized 100% tax-deductible lease payments and later depreciation (after exercising a purchase option), companies achieve a similar or lower after-tax cost of ownership using our lease versus a loan. (See our Lease vs Loan Cost Comparison page).

Perfect for S Corps and LLCs that cannot directly benefit from a federal tax credit and companies seeking optimal value within capital budget constraints.

Greater energy savings and more overall value than available from cost reduction programs such as PPAs..

Solar PV, solar thermal and energy storage systems qualify.  Add-on of other energy equipment will be considered upon request.     

A de facto financing method that optimizes value!

The Program's lessor is a bank with over $100 billion of assets.                                                                                               

Key Features & Benefits

  •  Own a solar system after 6 or 7 years at a discount from original invoice price.
  • *  No upfront equipment cost.
  • *  Lease payments subsidized by monetized value of lessor's tax benefits.
  • *  Low monthly payments with no escalation conserves cash within the business. 
  • *  Companies keep all energy savings and state and local incentives.
  • *  Companies keep all environmental benefits & renewable energy credits (RECs). 
  • *  No construction period interest when advance commencement approved.