Clean Energy Ownership Programā„¢

An affordable path to ownership for solar and other clean energy systems!

Greater energy savings and more overall value than available from cost-sharing programs such as PPAs. 

Perfect for S Corps and LLCs that cannot directly benefit from a federal income tax credit and companies seeking optimal value within capital budget constraints.

Three-page "traditional" equipment operating lease with 100% tax-deductible payments and attractive purchase options creates a low cost of ownership.  

Solar PV & thermal, wind turbines, batteries, generators, cogeneration and other clean energy systems qualify separately, or in any combination, including on a microgrid.                                                                                                     

Key Features & Benefits

  •  No upfront capital outlay.
  • *  Companies keep all energy savings and environmental benefits.
  • *  Companies keep all local/state incentives and renewable energy credits.
  • *  Monetized value of lessor's tax benefits used to reduce lessee's payments. 
  • *  Seven years of 100% tax-deductible fixed payments; no escalation.
  • *  Ownership options at reduced price after six and seven years.
  • *  Levelized cost of energy substantially less than current electric rate.
  • *  No construction period interest when advance commencement approved.

The Program's lessor is a bank with more than $80 billion of assets.