The Clean Energy Ownership Program uses a "traditional" equipment operating lease with attractive purchase options to provide commercial and industrial companies with an affordable path to ownership at a reduced price. 

CleanView Capital is an equipment finance company specializing in making ownership of solar and other clean energy systems affordable and profitable for commercial and industrial companies and governmental entities nationwide.

Our principals, each with more than thirty years of diversified equipment leasing experience, have held positions of responsibility at major banks and finance companies.

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Solar PV and/or solar thermal may be combined with energy storage. Add-on of other energy equipment will be considered upon request.

The Program's lessor is a bank with over $100 billion of assets.

The Program's combination of leasing with ownership was hailed by PV Magazine, a leading solar industry publication, as a winning formula for the commercial and industrial solar market!

The Government "Non-Debt" Finance Program uses a popular   Lease/Installment Purchase Agreement, aka "Municipal Lease" to provide qualifying Municipal, County and State entities, including their subdivisions, with up to 20-year tax-exempt, fixed-rate, "non-debt" financing. 

Solar PV and/or solar thermal may be combined with energy storage and other energy equipment, including on a microgrid.

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