The Clean Energy Ownership Program     uses a "traditional" equipment operating lease with attractive purchase options to provide commercial and industrial companies with an affordable path to ownership at a reduced price. 

CleanView Capital is an equipment finance company specializing in making ownership of solar and other clean energy systems affordable and profitable for commercial & industrial companies and governmental entities nationwide.

Our experienced team has closed over 100 solar system leases in more than 12 states..

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Solar systems, energy storage, EV charging stations, microturbines, generators; stand-alone or in any combination with other energy equipment on a fully integrated microgrid.

The Program's lessor is a bank with over $500 billion of assets.

The Program's combination of leasing with ownership was hailed by PV Magazine, a leading solar industry publication, as a winning formula for the commercial and industrial solar market!

The Government "Non-Debt" Finance Program uses a popular   Lease/Installment Purchase Agreement, aka "Municipal Lease" to provide qualifying Municipal, County and State entities, including their subdivisions, with up to 20-year tax-exempt, fixed-rate, "non-debt" financing. 

Financing for all types of energy equipment (traditional as well as renewable) and fully integrated microgrids.

Federal ITC Direct Pay to the governmental entity. 

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